Monday, September 26, 2011

Doctor Who - too complicated?

This is a response to the Guardian article, viewable here:

I don't think the problem with the current series is just the complicated ongoing plot. Although I still find it hard to believe that River is Amy's daughter, this turn of events and the characters involved have been the main reason for me to keep watching.

Generally I have enjoyed the more emotional, story arc related episodes to the standalone ones, but I think thats the main reason for that is the poor writing. In the story-arc episodes we follow familiar characters whose background we know a bit of or want to see more revealed of. This leaves time for more in-depth plot development, which for me has been the exact thing that the adventure-of-the-week episodes have been lacking.

They don't take the time to explain things or even comment on glaringly obvious situations. For example, why didn't the Doctor ever say anything about the major effect killing someone as historically significant as Hitler is going to have on the space/time continuum? Even Neil Gaiman managed to disappoint with his underdeveloped fanboy-ish fantasy story. I think maybe Moffat has put too much time into creating a complicated storyline and thereby forgot how important the more light-hearted episodes are to today's Dr Who audience.

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