Monday, September 26, 2011

Doctor Who Episode Review - The Girl Who Waited

The Doctor sets off to Apalapagia to show Amy and Rorty the beautiful planet, but once they arrive there they find out that the whole planet has been quarantined. When Amy ends up in a different room from Rory and the Doctor they find out that they run on different timelines and they're going to have to figure out a way to get Amy back.

I loved this episode. From the start when it seems Amy has been in her room for a week while the Doctor and Rory have only been in theirs for a few minutes you know they're going to play with the time. When they stick to the rules, this makes for some of the better stories. It's such a sad and scary idea to be all on your own for such a long time, waiting to be saved. It makes sense that Amy feels bitterness towards the Doctor. And when posed with the choice to save herself now or when she was younger, I understand that she'd feel that she is the only one with the right to exist. After all, older Amy is the one who has fought to stay alive in a dangerous, lonely world for 36 years.

Amy as her older self alsho shows why she is one of the best recent companions. She's smart and tough and holds her own against the Doctor. She doesn't just follow him but is strong minded and not afraid to feel anything besides total devotion to the Doctor.

With the help of young Amy, older Amy realizes that she's missed out on the most important thing in her life, Rory, and by heling she can at least give this time back to her younger self. But what they don't realise is although the Doctor already knows, the two Amy's can't co-exist. So Rory has to choose between the two Amy's twice. Whenever Rory has more of a central role you can guarantee there's going to be some tearjerker moments.

I love it when they explore the relationship between Amy and Rory. I think thet their love for each other is also one of the reasons why neither of them shys away from standing up to the Doctor. It's probably also why I generally like Matt Smith's Doctor more than David Tennant's. It's more evident that he is the last timelord and that while he has his friends along, he is and shall always be alone.

But I digress. While 'The Girl Who Waited' had many great scenes such as the beautiful gardem amd a sword-wielding, robot-killing Amy, my very favourite scene was when older Amy talks Rory into not letting her into the Tardis.

The fact that she's scared of dying but is willing to giv e up her existence so that younger Amy and Rory can be together is so touching and makes this episode one of the best in this season so far.

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