Monday, September 26, 2011

Doctor Who Episode Review - Night Terrors

When the Doctor and his companions receive a distress signal from a young boy they decide to make a house call. Once they arrive it appears that the monsters in his closet aren't quite as imaginary as his parent's think.

'Night Terrors' was a good solid monster-episode. The scenes in the dollhouse were shot beautifully. Everything was slightly-off, giving it an eerie 'what's behind the door' feel. Combined with the creepy girlish giggles and life-sized wooden dolls, I was kept right on the edge of my seat.

I always like it when Amy and Rory suddenly find themselves in a strange situation. You get a real sense of the chemistry between them and seeing them play off each other is always entertaining.

I'm glad that for once the Doctor didn't have an answer ready right away. He had to gain the boy's trust before he could even begin to find out what was really going on. The interaction between the Doctor and George was on of the best aspects of this episode.

The ending was surprising and kind of touching. There was a proper explanation and a satisfying conclusion. Maybe not one of the very best episodes, but scary and exciting nonetheless.

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