Sunday, September 26, 2010

STYLE TIPS: How To Make Your Own Fancy Headband

Accessorising your hair was one of the biggest trends this summer. From delicate garlands fit for a fairy (as seen on the Chanel catwalks) to big satin bows like the ones worn by Blair from Gossip Girl, you can go a lot of different ways if you let your imagination run wild.

Despite it being a summer trend, shops are still full of all sorts of beautiful headbands. If you're on a bit of a tight budget, or fancy something more original and want to get stuck-in being creative, then here are some tips to get you started!

First off you'll need just a basic, plain headband. You should be able to get decent, affordable ones at drugstores/pharmacies, accessory shops or even your local supermarket. Make sure it's wide enough to fit your embellishments on and that it's nice and sturdy.
I always prefer plastic ones to metal because they don't tend to pinch behind your ears and are easier to glue your decorations on to.

Next, you should get some things to attach to your headbands. Flowers, appliques, bows, whatever you like! Garden centres are great places to find pretty and unusual decorations, especially around this time of year when they're starting to put up their Christmas displays. Don't forget to check back in the after-Holiday sales to find trinkets for even less!
Another good place to look is your local fabric shop. They'll often have fabric appliques with beads, glitters, rhinestones or ribbons which you could simply glue on to your headband.
Of course you could always make your own creations out of scrap fabrics, crocheted flowers, buttons, anything you like really.
Make sure you get some good quality glue, a hot glue gun or strong hobby glue. If you are using fabric or anything that's a lot wider than your base headband it's a good idea to attach a piece of felt to the back of it in order to make it sturdier and hide the glue.
Here's a few I made myself:

If you've made any, I'd love to see what your creations! Leave a comment below.

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