Monday, October 10, 2011

Doctor Who episode review - The Wedding of River Song

So the time has come. The Doctor has to die. A fixed point in time, there's no escaping it. As we've seen during this season River Song was kidnapped and then trained to become the Doctors assassin. But it has also become very clear that the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams is no push-over. She's smart, strong-minded and loves the Doctor. Ofcourse she'd try anything to prevent his death. And when she manages to, all time stops. The whole world has become a big mess.

I wasn't sure what to think at first, pterodactyls in the playground, Winston Churchill, hot-air balloons and flying cars, it seemed like we might be in for a big special effects bonanza. But I was pleasantly surprised. All the loose ends we've been leaving during the season came together, Dorium Moldovar who gets taken by the Headless Monks, Madame Kovarian, the Silence and the Teselecta. The scenes in the skull room were pretty creepy, especially when Gantok falls in the pit and gets eaten by them. The scariest though was when Rory noticed that the glass where the Silence was kept behind started to break. So it turned out they weren't held prisoner there, but were waiting for the arrival of the Doctor.

The most memorable part for me was when Amy decides to not help Madame Kovarian, even though she knows it would kill her. Back in the normal world she has regrets about this, but I still think she'd do it again if she had another chance. This woman caused Amy and her loved ones so much pain and trouble, why bother saving her from something she caused herself? She'd probably only find another way to kill the Doctor.
After the Doctor convinces River that he forgives her for killing him and that there is no other way, they have to turn back to normal otherwise reality will break down, they marry on the spot. Claiming to tell her his name, he whispers something in her ear and they turn return to the previous reality as they kiss. Then she kills him...

I don't know why I didn't see the twist coming, ofcourse the Doctor can't really be killed. How would they continue the show? But the ending still surprised me. Getting the Teselecta to stand in for the Doctor never even crossed my mind.

Overall I liked the finale. It did feel a bit frantic and rushed, maybe it would have been better as a two-parter. The conclusion was satisfying though, the episode was exciting and the Doctor and River finally got married! Yay!

So, now we know the question, what will the answer be? Doctor Who? Indeed...

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