Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DOCTOR WHO Episode Review: Day Of The Moon

Things go from bad to worse this week when Amy, Rory and River are chased down and killed by the FBI while Doctor Who is imprisoned in Area 51. But quickly it is revealed that it was all an elaborate ploy to get together with FBI Agent Canton Delaware to privately discuss The Silence.

Only the second episode and already this series is kicking ass. As a collective, The Silence are amongst the show's best villains and are properly scary and mysterious. The scenes in the abandoned orphanage are so chilling and reminded me of playing the notoriously frightening game 'Silent Hill'. I especially got the creeps when Amy found the nest on the ceiling and the insectlike sound emanating from it was truly horrible. The only thing I don't really get is why they wear those suits if they've been around since the discovery of the wheel. (Maybe they're trying to form a kind of alien Rat Pack?) I wonder how they looked back then, but now they mostly just remind me of The Gentlemen (who also had a strong association with silence) from the Buffy episode 'Hush'.

I loved that Rory was given more screen time in this episode as I mentioned last week that the character seemed under-utilized to me. I really felt for him when he overheard Amy talking about who she really loved and he was unsure as to whether she was referring to him or the Doctor. There always seems to be something going on between Amy and the Doctor, so I totally understand Rory's insecurities and its great to see them played out like that.

Another tearjerking moment was when River kissed Doctor Who and it's the 'first time' for him . The fateful day that she has foreseen seems to be drawing ever closer. I wonder what she will do when that day arrives. Maybe, as some are speculating, she'll become the next Doctor. After all, she can time travel and knows when he will die, so who knows, but when it is finally time for a female Doctor, I hope it is River Song. She's already quickly becoming a favourite with fans, and I'm no exception.

But the big question this episode (and possibly throughout this entire season) is the identity of the girl in the astronaut suit. Since she regenerates at the end of this episode, I assume she is at least part Time Lord, but is Amy her mother as the photo in the orphanage suggests, or perhaps someone else is (like River Song). The writers sure do a great job of leaving you wanting more.

This was yet another excellent episode. Roll on next Saturday, when the Doctor shall be fighting pirates. Yarr!

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