Thursday, May 26, 2011

70's Fever! : Style & Fashion

This summer fashion is all about the 70's. Long flowy dresses, flared jeans and peasant tops. This look is cute, flirty and a bit flamboyant. But it is only one of the many fun styles that shaped the face of fashion in this decade. Unlike many fads these days, fashion seemed to go undeniably hand-in-hand with the music scene. Over the next few weeks I'll be covering my favourite looks such as Glamrock, Punk and Disco, starting now with maybe the most popular, Bohemian.
You've probably seen loads of celebrities (such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Zooey Deschanel and Kate Moss) donning "Boho-Chic" over the last few summers. When the temperature rises, Boho-Chic is the perfect alternative to skimpy sundresses and mini-skirts.

But this is very much a watered down version of the more exciting and hysteric Bohemian style of the 70's. Developed further from the 60's hippie look, Boho was also influenced by Pre-Raphaelite and 20's fashion. Janis Joplin was already wearing this kind of thing before the 70's came along, with colourful feather boa's as headdresses, velvet and lace clothes and a casual flamboyance which makes Boho such a playful style. Taking luxurious, draping fabrics, headbands and long middle-parted hair from the Pre-Raphaelites created a fairytale-like, feminine feel while the detailed decorations as seen on many a Flappers dress (and on Sally Bowles the 1972 musical Cabaret) made the look more extravagant and sexy.

Fashion icons such as Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger who are still admired today are famous for wearing this style. They made it look very feminine, glamorous and a little bit disco. But it wasn't just for women. A great example for this Bohemian look is Mark Bolan from T-Rex. With his tophats, velvet suits and kohl-rimmed eyes his look borders on Glamrock, but to me it feels more bohemian. There's a nonchalance to his style that reminds of the artsy Greenwich Village in the 60's. That world of aspiring artists, poets and singer-songwriters is what I think of when the word Bohemian comes up. It's a little pretentious, a little folky and mostly exciting and fun.

Because of these different influences you can really put your own spin on this style. You could go for a very feminine, glamorous outfit, combining floor-length floral dresses with strappy, wedged sandals and a big floppy sunhat or headscarf, or if you fancy something a bit more casual flared jeans and a peasant top. But my favourite bohemian look is the more gothic approach. Velvets, lace, brocate, flower-adorned hats and lots of rich decoration, it's darker, sexier and not just for summer.

Here are some key items if you want to go for this look this summer:

-A floorlength, flowy dress or skirt for that easy, instantly retro look. They look great on anyone, just make sure you don't end up looking shapeless by getting a waisted dress and not a moomoo. Wear them belted, with a crocheted bolero or a sleeveless denim shirt tied at the waist and some chuncky jewellery and you're good to go.

-A peasant blouse and flared jeans for a cute, girl-next-door look. A great everyday outfit, wear them with mules, sneakers or platform sandals.

-A hat. Any kind of hat will do, you can decorate it as you like. Add flowers, pearls, lace veils, peacock feathers for an instand eye-catcher.

-Black kohl eyeliner and coral lipgloss. Go for a grungy look with smudged eyeliner, smokey eyes and nude (or black as seen on Daisy Lowe) lips, or a more healthy glowing look with soft pastel eyeshadows, a peachy blush and coral lipstick or lipgloss.

Coming up next: Punk! I'll be looking at Debbie Harry, the Sex Pistols and ofcourse the mother of punk fashion Vivien Westwood. Also stay tuned for make-up tutorials to go with these iconic fashion styles.

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