Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Roxette - Charm School

Roxette - Charm School (2011)

After a decade, Sweden's pop-rock favourites Roxette are back with their new album 'Charm School', and what a comeback it is. Brimming over with exuberant, catchy hooks and excellnt choruses, Marie and Per are on top form and Charm School is one of the best pop albums I've heard in years.

You may remember Roxette from classic hits like 'It Must Have Been Love', 'Joyride' and 'Fading Like A Flower'. 2011 find them just as good as ever (if not better). Songs such as the beutiful bittersweet ballad 'I'm Glad You Called', the Beatles-esque 'Dream On' and the instantly memorable lead single 'She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)' have a quality and strength to them that is so often lacking in recent pop music.

No song on the album is dispensable, and Charm School is striking, exciting and full of heart and fun. It's so nice to hear artists that are obviously talented and know how to write a good tune - a real breath of fresh air in beteween the dirth of meaningless, indistinguishable top 40 hits of late that make 'pop' seem like a dirty word.

If you're already a Roxette fan, or a music lover longing for the days of the early 90s when radio played music with feeling and soul, or just want a good new album to add to your collection, don't miss Charm School.

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