Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MAKE UP TUTORIAL: Death, from Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman'

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An easy, classic look that's perfect for Halloween.

Death is a character from Neil Gaiman's comic book series "The Sandman". She is "Death" and also guides recently deceased souls into their new existence. Contrary to the usual grim image of the reaper, Death is very friendly, cheerful and seemingly quite normal.

And unlike the scythe carrying symbol of death, she is a young, pretty goth-girl with a cool but casual sense of style. Death always wears black, most often simple tops and jeans. And she can always be seen wearing her Ankh necklace.

I imagine mostly fans would dress up as her anyway, but here's a few tips on getting the look together.

With her 80's goth look, black hair is essential. If you don't have black hair already, get a good wig. You could always get a simple style of wig and alter it yourself to get that more shaggy, layered look she has. (Be careful not to ruin your wig though!). If you already have black hair, use some volume mousse and backcomb it a little bit. Her hair is quite messy, so you don't need to be very precise. Set it all with some hairspray, so it'll stay the way you want it all night long.

For her outfit you probably don't even need to get anything new ( although, you can always use this as an excuse to go shopping ;) ). Try to keep it simple. She's not a girl who wears long velvety dresses and lace gloves. Black jeans, a simple black top and maybe a cool black jacket will do fine. For a bit more flair, add a studded belt, tophat and some buckled boots.

She doesn't wear many accesories, but the Ankh necklace is a must really. With it being the symbol of eternal life, she always wears it.
And then finally, her iconic make-up. Her pale skin and black make-up are very essential to Deaths look.

Check out my very first video tutorial to see how to achieve this cool and simple make-up!

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  1. Ooooh Neal Gaiman himself posted the link to this page! Congrats!

  2. Great job, and awesome to get a nod from Neil!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad you liked the video. I was very surprised and pleased that Neil posted it. Definitely made my day!

    - Miss Daiquiris