Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RECOMMENDATIONS: 3 Great YouTube Make-Up Channels

When you go on YouTube and search for make-up tutorials, the amount of search results can be a bit confusing. Here I've selected my 3 most-often visited channels for you to check out. (Be sure to click 'Full screen' on the embedded videos!)


This channel is run by Sam and Nic, two sisters who are both professional make-up artists. They have a good mix of both everyday and glamorous looks and their tutorials are clear, easy to follow and professional.

I really like the iconic looks that they do, and above you can see one of my favourites. Also check out their website at www.fashionface.tv and blog at pixiwoo.blogspot.com

Panacea81 (Lauren Luke)

This channel is run by Lauren Luke. She started out making her videos from home, and through her online popularity now has her own make-up line and book and is now the resident make-up expert on ITV1's 'This Morning' in the UK. I first saw Lauren on The Paul O'Grady Show (an early evening chatshow) doing a make-up tutorial.

On her YouTube channel she covers a lot of celebrity looks with friendly, straightforward tutorials. Check out her site at www.bylaurenluke.com and blog at panacea81.blogspot.com

Make-Up Geek TV

Marlena is the creator and main face of this channel. She is a self-taught professional make-up artist and does a lot of fun, colourful looks, often with inexpensive products. The channel also has useful videos on how to store your cosmetics, brushes, etc.

The channel has been running for over 2 years and has a huge following, placing Marlena and Make-Up Geek as the 11th most subscribed Guru channel on YouTube. Check out the site at MakeUpGeek.com.

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